Behind the Scenes: The Internal Work Involved in Producing a Successful Commercial

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Producing a successful commercial is not just about turning on a microphone or camera and pressing record. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on to ensure that the final product meets the client's needs and exceeds their expectations. Let's take a closer look at some of the pre-production work that goes into producing a high-quality commercial that the PREM team uses on special projects with our clients!

1. Pre-Planning Stages

The pre-planning stages of a commercial involve a lot of research and preparing. Before any recording takes place, the creative team will work with the client to determine the goals of the project, the target audience and the desired messaging. They will also research the competition to make sure that the client's message is unique and stands out from the crowd. Here at PREM, we like to make our client’s work MEMORABLE (hence our name), which is why we take the pre-planning stages of a commercial very seriously.

2. Hiring Talent

Once the pre-planning stages are complete, it's time to start assembling the talent for the project. This might include writers, directors, actors, voice-over artists and musicians, among others. The producer will work with the creative team to find the best talent for the job based on the project's needs and the client's budget. Need some help looking for talent for your upcoming project? We will say our Founder & CEO has a knack for being on camera 😉 Don’t believe us? Check her out here in a van tour we put together for our client Field Van!

3. Securing Equipment

The next step is to secure all the necessary equipment. This might include cameras, microphones, lighting equipment and other technical gear. Our producer will work with the equipment team to make sure that all the gear is in good condition and is suitable for the project. (There’s nothing like a battery going dead mid-production to throw off your day - don’t let this happen and be prepared by bringing extra batteries!)

4. On-Site Preparation

On the day of the shoot or recording, it's essential to have all the necessary equipment and personnel on-site and ready to go at your designated time. Our producer will make sure that everyone knows their role and has the correct equipment and supplies needed for each shot. For example, when we start recording for commercials, someone might be assigned to take time codes during the recording to make editing easier later on.

5. Post-Production

After the recording or filming is complete, our producer and the creative team will move into the post-production phase. This involves editing, refining and proofing the footage and audio to create a polished final product. This might include cutting out unnecessary content, adding special effects or sound effects, and enhancing the overall quality of the recording.As you can see, producing a commercial requires a lot of work and attention to detail. From the pre-planning stages to securing the right talent and equipment, to the on-site preparation and post-production work, every step of the process is crucial to creating a successful final product. By taking the time to do the internal work, the producer and creative team can ensure that the client's message is delivered effectively and resonates with the target audience.

Are you ready to create a commercial that truly resonates with your target audience and makes your brand MEMORABLE?! Let our experienced #PREMteam handle the heavy lifting and deliver a polished final product that showcases your brand's unique message. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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