Email Marketing and Why It's Important

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While marketers are constantly finding new ways to engage with your target audience, there is no reason to neglect the oldest, yet most effective way to communicate with your audience - email!

You may be thinking… is email marketing still worth the investment? The short answer is: absolutely. According to Hubspot, “Email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.” 

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are opening emails than ever before. It's no longer about whether or not you should be tackling email marketing, it’s about what you can do to make YOUR emails stand out. With more brands taking advantage of online shopping worldwide, it’s important to compete for your consumers' attention. If you’re a small business, you are more likely to build trust with local customers than any larger corporation - take advantage!

At PREM - PR & Social, email marketing is essential to the success of our clients. Email marketing builds brand awareness and loyalty, generates leads, increases website traffic, and so much more. Here are some ways you can improve your email marketing strategy:

1. Always make it easy to subscribe

Our favorite way to generate subscribers is to add a pop on to your website or a section at the footer of your website. This makes it extremely easy for any customers shopping on or visiting your website to subscribe to your newsletter! Another way to simplify subscribing is to add a subscribe button on a LinkTree or similar platform to your social media bio.

2. Add a CTA

Call-To-Actions are an absolute MUST when creating email campaigns! Offering a service? Add a link to book an appointment. Offering a product? Link back to your website! Regardless of the type of CTA you include, do not forget to add in links to your website and social media accounts. If a potential customer is not familiar with your brand, it’s likely the first thing they look for!

3. Quality over quantity

Lastly and most importantly, the quality of your emails are way more important than the quantity. Spamming your customers will only drive them further away. When you take the time to beautifully design your email and provide added value, you will see a world of a difference in engagement. Some ways to add value to your emails include blogs, surveys, tips/tricks, etc!

Now that you are well-equipped to up your email marketing game, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know! (See what we did there.)


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