How to Successfully Market Your Event


By Bre Frampton, Marketing Manager

Evanelle Vineyards is a premier event and wedding venue based in California. We were brought on to promote their new outdoor concert series, Boots N’ Booze. In just 30 days of marketing this event, we sold over 700 tickets, exceeding their goal of 500. Below we are outlining a variety of event marketing techniques that helped us exceed our ticket sales and overall create a successful event. 

Depending on the size and expectations of your event, there are many different ways you can market it. These initiatives below are a great baseline for putting together and marketing an event. 

Understanding Your Target Audience: 

When it comes to effectively marketing your event, understanding your target audience is a crucial first step. Here at PREM PR & Social, we are a marketing and public relations agency who specializes in event marketing. Our team begins by conducting competitor reports to analyze and identify our clients' target audience. We also research our clients' top locations, considering where their audience is primarily located and where the event will be taking place. This research is used in developing our content strategy, social media strategy and digital advertising campaign strategy. 

Pictured at: Evanelle Vineyards - Boots N' Booze, June 10th 2023

Utilizing Social Media To Market Your Event

At PREM PR & Social, building a social media presence for each event we market is a top priority. We capitalize on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google My Business (GMB), and more to establish effective connections with our target audience. Our team employs a wide array of strategies to enhance engagement and deliver impactful results. (Interactive polls, open ended questions on social media posts, reminders on social stories, etc.) Make sure you are constantly thinking of engaging content on ALL platforms and consistently posting the event with links to buy tickets. There is always something to be gained from each social media platform and its unique algorithm in terms of capturing your target audience. 

Digital Ads - The Key To A Successful Event 

A very important component of running a successful event is targeted digital advertising campaigns. For Evanelle Vineyards' concert, we leveraged platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to boost posts to our target audience. By carefully optimizing the ad targeting parameters and monitoring campaign performance, we were able to generate significant interest and conversions for this event. In addition to this we also invested in radio ad spots on a country radio station to get the word out about the event. 

Influencer Partnerships and Collaborations

Partnering with influencers and industry experts can work wonders for your event in terms of expanding reach within your target audience. Targeted influencers can do ticket giveaways on their account and promote the event to their followers. Local and national businesses can be great for co-promotions so you can tap into their audiences as well. 

Utilizing Eventbrite 

Eventbrite is a powerful platform we utilize for seamless event management. We leverage its features for event registration, ticketing, secure payment processing, attendee data management, and promotional tools. With Eventbrite, we streamline processes, enhance attendee engagement, and gather valuable post-event insights. Did you know Eventbrite when connected to Facebook allows you to sell tickets directly through your Facebook event?! This is also a great example of how cross promotion on multiple social channels can be incredibly helpful when promoting an upcoming event! 

PREM’s Secret Sauce 

Partner with us to access our exclusive "Secret Sauce" that sets our events apart from the competition! We're committed to delivering exceptional service and experiences, while giving you the strategic advantage for resounding success. Interested in starting today? Reach out to us:

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