Our Quick Guide to Marketing Your Business on LinkedIn

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The most common question we get is: Why should I market on LinkedIn? We know as a business owner you want to make sure your efforts go into a platform that delivers real results. We totally get it, so here are some of the facts that make this platform worth trying.

- LinkedIn helps with customer acquisition and referrals.

- It generates leads, especially B2B leads, more effectively than Facebook. (Source)

- LinkedIn is the highest rated choice for professionally relevant content. (Source)

Compared to other social platforms, LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses looking to expand or start their franchise, gain capital for their business, find talent, sell their products to other businesses, etc.

Are you convinced yet? Check out our 5 step guide below on how to get started:

1. Optimize your LinkedIn Company page profile with your industry information and high quality photos of your brand

2. Connect with people in your network, join groups related to your business, and engage with content that is similar to yours

3. Publish professional related content that either educates, informs, guides, solves problems, inspires or entertains your audience

4. Get your employees involved, so they can share and promote the company's content with their network

5. Look into your analytics and see what demographic and audience data you are reaching so you can tailor your content accordingly

Overall, adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy can help you expand your network, generate more leads, find customers, and create a professional reputation for your business.

BONUS TIP: Add your LinkedIn badge to your website or blog, so visitors can easily find your profile and connect with you.

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