TikTok Audio and Why It’s Important

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It’s no secret that TikTok has become one of the fastest growing social platforms. Brands are utilizing this platform daily to reach a wider audience in efforts to drive sales and boost brand exposure. But being as far from traditional marketing as can be, it’s common for brands to be unsure on how to utilize it correctly.

There are a number of different factors to consider when creating your video. The most significant? Audio. According to a recent research done by TikTok, sound is fundamental to success on the platform. It’s the anti-scroll of TikTok. 88% of users said that sound is essential to the TikTok experience. When it comes to brand promotions on the app, the audio you select can either make or break your video. It has the ability to elicit emotion and forge meaningful connections with viewers. 

At PREM - PR & Social, TikTok style video content has become a key marketing channel for each client. Through implementing TikTok style video into each client’s strategy, we have seen outstanding growth across all platforms, even some videos going viral! 

Here’s an insight into how you can strategically use TikTok to grow your brand (with the right audio of course): 

1. Boosts Brand Awareness 

TikTok partnered with Kantar and found that sound-on campaigns were much better at increasing brand awareness than competitors’ ads, both with and without audio.

2.2xbetter than competitors with the sound turned off1.2xbetter than competitors with the sound turned on

2. Communicate New Information

Sound on TikTok doesn’t just get your brand noticed, it’s also extremely effective at conveying your identity and value to consumers. TikToks are simply better at spreading the word.

59%of people said that they learned something new from a TikTok ad55%of TikTok ads we’re more successful with the sound turned on compared to ads on competing platforms

3. Gain Sales and Increase Favorability 

According to the study, TikTok is the only platform where ads with audio generate significant lifts in both purchase intent and brand favorability. For some competitors, sound actually had a negative effect on favorability. The stats: +6% increase in users’ likelihood to purchase the brand’s products or services, +9% increase in users’ attitude toward the brand. 

+6%increase in users’ likelihood to purchase the brand’s products or services+9%increase in users’ attitudetoward the brand

Now that you know the importance of sound on the platform, it’s time to turn up the volume! When creating your next TikTok, be sure to take a sound-first approach. Explore the audio options, check out what’s trending to guarantee that you will stop the scroll and spark emotion amongst viewers. 

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