Tips on how to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts as a Marketer

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It’s no secret that working in marketing can get a little crazy. Trying to run multiple different social media accounts across many platforms, while also attempting to navigate current trends and topics can feel overwhelming. Luckily the PREM team came together to provide you with the best tips and tricks on how to handle the challenge!

Organization is Key:

This may seem obvious, but staying organized is a crucial factor to managing all your accounts. Proper organization ensures all accounts are properly managed and tended to. Whether it’s regarding a posting schedule, upcoming deadlines, important events, or what strategies are being executed, it all needs to be organized! When working with many accounts, it’s easy to forget a detail or two. Which is why we use Asana here at PREM. Asana is an online platform created to help teams organize and track their work. Track even the smallest tasks to guarantee nothing gets missed! 

Constant Communication:

Ensure you are having consistent conversations with your clients. You should know all upcoming events and details in their near future, so you know what, when, or who to post! This allows you to align your marketing tactics to their current needs or preferences. Keeping in contact with your clients also allows you to build a relationship with them, and effective communication leads to trust! Remember, regular updates and discussions ensure you both stay on the same page. They may not be as marketing savvy as you, so it’s important to keep them in the loop. 

Know Your Client:

Obviously you know your client, but as a marketer it’s your responsibility to have a deep understanding of them and their brand. What's their purpose? What drives their business? It’s easy to forget these qualities when switching between multiple accounts. You should dive into your client’s traits to align your content with these values. Remember, you’re not only switching clients, you're also switching audiences. Knowing your audience allows you to target your campaigns more effectively, driving both engagement and conversation. Impactful marketing leads to successful results, which isn’t possible without a strong understanding of your client. At PREM, whenever we onboard new clients we always create a set of five to six content pillars. Content pillars focus on a set of themes or topics that you can use to create content. We use content pillars to drive every piece of content created on all social platforms. 


Analytics are also a huge part of marketing and are incredibly important when working to juggle multiple social media platforms. By tracking key metrics, you can better understand what’s working and what’s not on various social platforms for your clients. Remember, all social platforms have different algorithms and a different target audience. The audience you are targeting on IG is going to be different from the audience you are targeting on Facebook. This means checking analytics on each account you use is pivotal in helping you understand what content needs to go on which account. 

Also note that what works for one client, may not work for another! Here at PREM we track metrics using  eClincher. EClincher is an easy and efficient social media management platform that helps you track analytics, schedule out posts, pull competitor reports and more. 

Note that it’s important to cross reference your metric data. We recommend using multiple platforms to check analytics because all metric tracking platforms are not perfect! You can cross reference with IG insights, Facebook Business Suite insights, HootSuite and more. 

By implementing each of these tips we use here at PREM, you’ll be well equipped to successfully manage multiple social media accounts for each of your clients. Need an extra hand? We’ve got a team of experts ready to take on your next account. Let’s get in touch!

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