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Field Van


Building a brand from logo to launch party

With 80+ employees and a 2+ year waitlist, we have helped Field Van market on many different channels keeping their name top-of-mind in the industry. This has resulted in 100's of new leads and vans sold.


Content Creation

Public Relations

Social Media




Digital Marketing


Event Planning

Influencer Marketing

Email Marketing



Branded Videos


Awesome Rebrand


Year Waitlist


We are proud to work with this adventurous company.

PREM has been instrumental in elevating Field Van from the initial stages of rebranding to its successful launch. Our constant creation of compelling and professional content not only influences their target audience but also sparks meaningful conversations. By taking an established family name within the customized van industry, we facilitated a complete rebranding process, giving Field Van a fresh and personalized identity. Our contributions range from designing the logo to developing impactful brand messaging and producing captivating content across multiple platforms. As a result, Field Van now boasts a remarkable 2+ year waitlist and has achieved recognition as a prominent brand in the industry.

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