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My Tea Corner


From Logo to Launch

My Tea Corner is a craft boba drink chain that originated in Fresno, California. The owners have ambitious plans to franchise additional locations, aiming to share their unique ability to create boba from scratch. Keeping this in mind, we built a brand and image that is scalable.


Brand Strategy

Social Media

Paid Media

Content Creation



Influencer Marketing

Public Relations

Email Marketing

Event Planning

Graphic Design

Website Design



New Website


Brand Bible


Influencer Collaborations


Successful Grand Opening


Creating a Strong Marketing Foundation for Success

With a strong emphasis on brand strategy and development, we set off to help the owners build a recognizable brand from the interior to the exterior. We first created a brand bible which housed their brand identity from logo to key messaging. Before opening to the public we grew the hype through aggressive social media, influencer marketing and targeted PR hits. Ultimately, their grand opening drew a line out the door. From the signage down to the menu design, we set My Tea Corner up for not only business growth but future location growth.

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